Stalking in Facebook -- in a positive way

Sometimes, there are people on facebook that we want to connect with. They have great ideas, you like the content that they share -- but they don't have a subscribe button. It may not be proper to simply send them a friend request. They don't know you and might decline or ignore your request. So how do you connect with them?

Stalk them, but in a positive way. Here's how.

For a month, post a positive response to their status updates. Not every update, mind you. Respond only to those that caught your interest. A simple "Like" when you have nothing to say; ask questions related to what they have just shared; thank them for sharing, and a short note as to why you liked it (if likes and comments are disabled, send them a message).

Be sincere. People will know if you are faking it or not.

Slowly but surely, that person is going to get curious, "Who the heck is this person?" They are going to click on your name and check out your profile and your wall. They want to see if you are the type of person they'd want to have on their friends list or not. 72% of the time, they are going to initiate a friend request right then and there.

After some time, simply send them a friend request, explaining "I find your updates quite interesting. May I add you on my list?" Since you have been on their radar for the last 30 days, AND they think you are a decent person, they are going to confirm your friend request.

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