Social Media Interview: Alfred Marcaida

Are you not curious as to how other people use social media in their work environment?

I am. Whenever I spend time with friends, I make it a point to ask them how social media fits in with their work. One such friend is Alfred Marcaida, who has agreed that I share this interview.

Alfred is a sales & marketing professional, specializing in training and development in one of the leading Pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines. I have known Alfred since 1991, and we have been in touch through facebook.

Jim: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your business?

Alfred: I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than two decades and facebook became an essential platform to reconnect with friends.

Jim: How would you describe how you use facebook (personal or business-wise)?

Alfred: Focusing on Facebook, most of my materials are spontaneous and from the heart, but you have to be aware most of the time when you post, as readers can involve friends from the company and industry; and here you make editions.

Jim: Aside from facebook, what other social networking sites do you frequent?

Alfred: While Facebook is for friendship and close family connections, LinkedIn serves me in my professional life particularly increasing connections.

Jim: Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post. Name yours and why?

Alfred: My favorite posts are witty ones and i love the ones from Coelho.

Jim: If someone was interested in using facebook to improve their business, what would be a few things you would suggest?

Alfred: I think a dedicated page should be made for any business as a platform for promotions. But just like what the old adage says, "don't mix business with pleasures/friendship".

Jim: Do you use facebook to promote your business? If so, in what way?

Alfred: In my Industry though, we cannot utilize Facebook for promotions because of the ethical nature of our business, but we can make consistent contact with our customer friends through it.

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