Quality SMM Campaign ?

The employer posted (rephrased) --
Are you this person?
I can write up a well articulated, highly optimized post in 5 minutes (140 characters or less), then spend an hour finding 100+ places/people on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or wherever to post/send to. These are qualified folks meaning if my subject is cooking, they LIKE cooking. Most often, they liked us or followed us quickly. I was building up 100+ likes or followers per week on FB and Twitter. I did this in about 5 hours per week.

100 posts per hour? It's obvious that this employer is planning to spam social media. To top it off, this person has 50 different sites that he/she wants you to promote.

This is a misguided notion of how social media works. The way he/she sees it, is that, by having a real person spam the different websites, he/she is going to make money. Spamming these online communities, the message they are sending out will have very limited exposure. Either the contractor will get banned from the community or their target audience will simply click on 'Unsubscribe'. In time, it is going to be consistently more difficult for the spammers to get their message across.

How then, will I do things differently?

Looking at the average rate for the applicants, we can see that it's about $2.00 per hour. Ten hours a week, four times a month and in three months, that's $240 per contractor.

Instead of paying contractors $240 over a period of three months, I'd invest that to either a Facebook Ad, or Google Adwords. This way, my message will reach my target audience, which gives me better leads and higher conversion rates.

While the ads are running, I'll make sure my website is optimized for SEO (search engine optimization). This makes it easy for my audience to find me when they make a search for my keywords. I will also have a SMM professional who can both influence public perception about my brand as they engage my audience.

To summarize, an effective campaign will have three ingredients:
- an ad to tell the world about the brand
- SEO for the search engines
- SMM to influence and engage at the point of contact

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