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The Official web2py Book

This is my pet project. I am learning web development using web2py. I do this a minimum of one hour every day. At times I have to force myself to take an hour off from work. Other times, I have to force myself to get off my butt from doing nothing and do the tutorials.

I want to create a blog from scratch using python code. Web2py is the easiest python web framework to run, but django is the easiest to learn--there are tons of great tutorials out there for django.

To compensate for the lack of tutorials, the web2py community is very supportive. The web2py community is so remarkable from the social media marketing perspective. It's a good example of a user community that is growing without anyone pushing.

Noobs like me stumble upon web2py and get curious about it. The community supports and encourages noob participation in the community. Over time, the noobs learn something and give back to the community, eventually becoming jedi's themselves.

I am going to write about the web2py user community from the perspective of social media marketing one of these days.

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