New direction

I have been seeing a lot of blogs about social media marketing and it sickens me that mine reads a lot like theirs--pitching, preaching, and they all sound alike. It's like one idea rehashed in a thousand different ways.

Have you ever been in a conversation where the other fellow always agreed to everything you say? It can get annoying, doesn't it. I'd rather have someone who has a mind of their own. This way, our interaction is productive. The conversation is a give and take.

Starting today, I am going John the Baptist and be that voice in the wilderness.

I don't care anymore if anyone is reading these blogs. I have enough clients that I hardly have time to update this blog. As you can see, I have removed pages from this site that pitch.

From here on, I am going to write about my ideas and opinions. Raw. Naked. Open. I've found myself in hot water a number of times because of this. That's fine with me.

If nobody voiced a different opinion, the emperor would still be walking around naked.

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