New! Commentluv

Almost all my clients for SMM prefer commenting on blog sites that have commentluv in them. Frankly, I was impressed at how commentluv can help bring traffic to a website, even if these comments were self-serving.

comment plugin

Commentluv helps facilitate and enhance the conversations by sharing with the readers something about the author of the comment. Thanks to this website, I was able to install commentluv on my website.

'Social' media

Imagine, when I make a comment on someone's blog post, the comment will not only show my name and website, commentluv will also show the most recent post on my own blog.

This is an incentive for me, the author to join the conversation, as this will help increase traffic to my site. Depending whether my comment makes sense or not, there is going to be an invitation for the reader to visit my site and satisfy their curiosity for more information. Plus, all this commenting/conversations help with SEO.

Search algorithm

I am now wondering if Google will look into changing their algorithm to discount the effect of such a method.

Looking at the big picture, commenting is part of web 2.0. It's part of the conversations that go on everyday. People do posts questions in their blogs, whether to generate a response, or plain curiosity questions looking for answers.

Google might look into discounting comments in the future, but I don't think it is going to affect a site's page rankings in a major way.