Naming your blog something very specific that could change?

I want to start a blog and wanted it to be something about being in your twenties and traveling. It would be something like ""

What happens when I turn thirty and it no longer applies? Is there a way you can change this when that day comes or is it best not to name it something that could change? I mean, I might be traveling differently once I become thirty that might not apply to young twentysomethings.

It doesn't matter what your blog title is about. is one of the more popular domain names in the world but nobody knows what that website is about and couldn't care less, don't you agree?

The point is, people don't care what your domain name is, or what the title of your website is. All they care about is this -- "what's in it for me?"

Focus on the fundamentals. Post quality content. Make it easy for people to share your blog's content with their social network. I have a number of websites on my bookmarks that have the most obscure titles. I go back to them time and again because of the content. I find something I want whenever I visit their websites.

This site's URL is a constant "" -- it's a mouthful, I know and it's not that easy to remember. What's worse is that the title will always change to whatever suits my mood.

I have considered getting my own domain, like "" It's great for the ego, but it wouldn't add value for my audience. They come here for the content, not the URL. For my audience to remember my site, they bookmark with a click of a button. To share that link with their social network, they click on a different button. If they want to find my site, they Google "Jim Syyap". Except for the blog's owner, who cares what the title is?

Your blog and its audience will change when it needs to change, and everything is going to be all right. Stop worrying about the little details. Start writing!

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