Landing page analysis: MLM

Someone was recently looking for help on oDesk to market his/her Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) website. I wasn't really keen about that field, so I just sent that person a quick note as to how the site can be improved.

(I took a screenshot of the website, but I don't think it shows well when you click on it.)

First, the headline.

It doesn't really offer any benefit. Strike one.

The headline on your landing page should shout "HERE IS SOMETHING YOU WANT !" This website only tells me it's another MLM website. We all know someone in our life who was into MLM. We know how annoying they can get. And we try to avoid them whenever we can. This here is a website. Why should I spend more time with it. CLICK -- I am outta there.

Scanning the landing page in the first ten seconds confirms that this REALLY is another MLM website. That's strike two. If you scanned near the bottom of the page, you will find what should have been the headline. But it's not. 1 out of 2 persons who will see this website will not spend time looking for it. That's 50% of the site's traffic clicking over and out.

What should they have done?

Bring up the benefit into the headline. The next line should keep the fires of interest burning. Tell them how you are different and why you should buy from me. Always answer that burning question in their minds -- "what's in it for me?" The moment you start talking about something else, you lose them.

Strike three. Look at the image again. It's one long landing page.

It's good if the site was effective in grabbing attention. The rest of the copy should build up on that interest into an effective call to action: sign up, subscribe, or bookmark the site. It didn't. The copywriter only talked about MLM stuff we're not even interested in.

If I am going to talk about MLM, it's going to be about how this one is different from the rest, and why they should buy into this one. I know I am repeating myself here, but it's an important concept.

Perception = Motivation.

You influence their perception and motivation will automatically follow.

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