How to measure ROI on social media

A social media campaign is like a campaign for public office. With a social media campaign, we are out there to win your target audience's vote: your brand vs brand B. You will know that your campaign is effective when, over time, the people are voting for your brand instead of brand B.

The next question now is, how do we win this election?

Here in New Zealand, you can tell it is election time when there are a number of billboards with the candidate's faces on them (with a catch-y phrase). You will also find a number of press releases about these candidates on different media, including web 2.0.

It's the same with your brand. We use SEO to get brand awareness. But we don't stop there. SEO will only give us traffic. We want to address the issues in their mind that pertain to our brand. When people find our website, they will find three things:
  1. Information
  2. Interaction
  3. Choice
Everyone else can provide information and choice. As you can see,  the quality of interaction is more important. It determines whether you will win their vote, or they will go to brand B. Why? Influence. People like to deal with people they like.This is one of the reasons why, after the dotcom crash, people started using the internet again, for interaction.

Your brand is not going to be an overnight success, but with the right social media campaign, you have a good chance of winning their votes in the long run.

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