How have you built strong targeted audiences in social media?

I was just preparing for an article I am writing around 'How to build strong targeted audiences in social media'.

Everyone is keen on building super relevant and engaging crowds around their social pages, but most have difficulty building volume relationships that are meaningful, really communicating with their followings or successfully implementing their social strategies to these audiences.

Before I begin writing my article, I wanted to get some feedback from other social media professionals about how you have built up your audiences and followings, or how you have achieved this on your clients behalf?

Any feedback will be given credit for in my article :)


Effective social media communications center on the following: 1. Influence perception; 2. Optimize communications; 3. Engage target audience.

To generate impact in today's social web, you need to consistently focus on these three factors.

Let me give you an example --

Pokerstars is the leading online pokersite. Its player base is more than three times the size of its closest competitor. I don't know how they built their business to where it is now, but I can tell you that whoever is in charge of their social media communications is doing a great job.

The leading poker player forum is the Two Plus Two poker forums. Pokerstars has a representatvie whose job is to monitor and interact with threads/posts that affect pokerstars.

They also have a facebook fan page where followers get updates as to what's happening, not only with pokerstars, but everything else in the online poker industry.

They also have email support for when players need assistance with the poker client or their account.

When online poker was banned in the US (Black Friday), pokerstars was actively reassuring its players that their funds are safe and secure and that they have nothing to worry about. The other US-based poker sites were not as reassuring.

Now that the storm has passed, more and more poker players will open a player account with pokerstars. They do so not because of pokerstars' promotions and free offers, but because of peer recommendations.

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