Headlines--how to get attention

Ads like these will yield poor response rates. Here's why.

The headline doesn't offer anything to the reader something that he/she wants. It's a curiosity headline. It attempts to get the reader to click on the link by arousing their curiosity.

Your headline works like a door to door salesman. Every salesman worth their salt knows that they only have less than a minute to get the prospect's attention. If they try to say something cute, they will immediately get "Not Interested" as a response. Not a good way to make a living, hey?

But if the salesman were to offer something of value, the prospect is going to want to hear more about what the salesman has to say.

The ad shown above will fare better if they tied in the curiosity headline with something that the reader wants. If the brand is about website design, then use a headline that will say something like, "5 easy ways to a better website."

This headline will flag potential customers who want a better website. It arouses their curiosity as to what those five tips are. If you were to measure and compare the number of clicks both headlines will get, I will put my money on the "5 ways..." headline instead of the "Enter a new era in web design" headline.

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