Happy Birthday!

I took it easy today. After doing the bare essentials, I took the rest of the day off and spent time with the family.

I have already lost count, but the last time I looked, there was about 50 birthday greets on my facebook timeline today. Last year, I replied by comment on each of the birthday greets. This year, I simply clicked on Like to acknowledge. Tomorrow I am going to thank everyone on my status update.

Birthday greetings is full time work in social media marketing. Imagine if I had thousands of subscribers, I am going to hire a part time assistant just to acknowledge each one personally, and possible start a conversation. I think it's one of the best ways to open doors for future opportunity.

I received birthday greets from people I know only from the groups I've joined in facebook. I hardly interact with them one to one, but still, they saw that it was my birthday and reached out with a digital handshake to greet me.

You don't get this personal on linkedin. This is why I spend most of my marketing efforts on facebook. People like doing business with people they like.

If marketers will make an effort to greet me, a potential customer--"happy birthday!" That's going to count for something when it's time for me to vote with my money.

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