Me-time and writing

I signed up for gym early this morning. I work too much and don't get to play anymore. Soon after the kids left for school, I hopped on my bike and pedalled all the way to the AUT fitness center and signed up for a 12-month membership. Benefits for such membership include use of the weights room and group fitness classes.

There were several other gyms within the vicinity that offer almost the same membership package. I chose AUT because it was the only fitness center offering yoga group classes included in the package. As you probably know by now, I taught myself yoga from books borrowed from the library, and watching youtube. It would be great that I will be able to attend a yoga class and experience a different style of yoga.

I have been lifting weights on and off since 1987. I'd get back in the program when I find myself gaining weight. I'd immerse myself in this workout for a year until I reach my fitness level. Soon as lifting weights start to feel stale, I do something else that interests me.

I am looking to do a four times per week visit to the gym, mostly weekdays when the kids are in school. This way, I don't have to hurry with my workout and enjoy "me-time".

Me-time is important for 'wanna-be' writers like me. This is time for composting, where I let my subconscious digest the information that I am going to write about. When I don't give myself enough me-time, the writing reads like a child eating veggies. Not fun.

Does that mean you are going to see better content from now on? Absolutely not.

No expectations. I have fun. I write. I work. No, wait. Writing IS work. But I don't see it entirely as work, but creative expression. Rephrasing that--I have fun. I enjoy my writing.

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