10k followers in 7 days...?

Twitter is going to improve its algorithm to discount effects of such a practice. Imagine that -- 10,000 followers in a span of seven days. I must admit it's not easy. For tech-savvy web programmers, there's always a way to get this done. But for $50?

I am thinking that this person is handling the campaign for a client and has over-promised to get the job.

You can tell if someone on twitter has fake followers, specially that many. There's not a lot of interaction going on. If there's any, it's usually a one-way, announcement type broadcasts. Tweeters like these might hook me to follow them because of social proof. Short term, they will get real followers out of curiosity. Long term, it is going to be that much harder for them to get followers to stick with them.

How would I do it then, get 10,000 followers?

I can't. Not in a short period o

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