Facebook page analysis

I found this want ad on oDesk looking for help with social media marketing --

"I would like people from the U.K. to make the page viral by clicking the orange button to post the page on their wall.

However I don't know how to make the page go viral. Please respond with ideas you have! Note this is NOT a facebook 'like' job. I'm not interested in people 'liking' a page. I would just like to get people from the U.K. sharing the page on their wall."

Here's my suggestion --

The first thing people read, "Say no to..." is a negative. People don't like sharing things like these on with their social network. The image is also a turn-off.

Suggestion: say something like -- "Here's something you want!" Not those words exactly, but offer them a benefit.

The facebook title, Claim Guide. Not enough 'ooomph' in it.

The copy, "the UK govt..." gets the reader thinking 'we already know the govt fucks us. What else you got?'. Instead of using copy like that, tell them how to get around this. Offer them a solution. Tell them what you have to offer that will benefit them.

Some folks might hit the like button, but if your facebook page will remain the same, people will not want to come back to it, or share it. Every so often, at least once a month, post relevant and engaging content on your facebook page. Post something that's relevant to your theme. Share websites or articles you think might interest them that's relevant.

Getting fans will not happen overnight. If you consistently offer people something that they want in this facebook page, you will find your "Likes" growing over time.

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