Crowd Sourcing/Social networks: What drives user?

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I am working on the business model for a web start-up idea. The premise of the idea involves feedback generation for a brand/customer service, crowd-sourcing and social networking among reviewers/users.


My queries revolve and: "What drives user to visit crowd-sourcing/social networking websites?"
  • How to generate user base? Either using facebook connect or self-generation?
  • How to motivate them to leave feedback?
  • Is Reward system required? If yes, what kind of (monetary, badges or discount deals etc.) or kind of a contest - First 5/Top 3 feedback get rewarded! "Personally, I am not a fan of monetary rewards. This has limitations and risks of backfiring."

Since already, lot of feedback generation websites are available, I am not sure if user would like to try another one, even if something innovative is offered. We are trying to work on our "WOW" factor.

A detail perspective shall be appreciated. Thanks


To answer your first question, there are two questions you need to answer in everyone's mind -- How are you different from (?), and why should I use yours?

This has a lot to do with perception. Perception = motivation. We move towards that which we perceive will do us good, and move away from that which we think is not good for us. As soon as their perception about your brand is obvious, motivation follows (like night follows day).


Look up Robert Cialdini's thoughts about influence. Reciprocation, social proof, liking, authority, scarcity, consistency. Use any combination of Cialdini's 6 tools of influence and you will never go wrong.
  • Badges that people can share with their social network is good.
  • Or, if they earn a certain number of points, they get a free t-shirt from your website.
  • How about an honor roll that is prominently displayed on your landing page? They make a certain number of points and they get their profile in that list?
There's a lot of things that you can do to motivate/influence people to do something for you. If you have the site up and running, post the URL as a comment and I'll take a look at it. Maybe I can come up with a few more ideas for you.

* My reply -- Crowd Sourcing/Social networks: What drives user? - OnStartups - Stack Exchange

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