Content curation - what it is, and how to do it well

sharing content

If you have been sharing actively on Facebook, you already understand what content curation is all about. In a nutshell, content curation is sharing content.

Me too. I don't get why experts have to use big words, when "sharing content" will do. Anyway...

I am not an SEO expert. Surely sharing content on your website will affect its page rank somehow. You will notice on this site that I regularly share content that's relevant. For me, what is important is that my readers will find quality content on my website--whether I created them myself, or I am sharing good stuff that I found on the internet.

Sharing? Keep these in mind:

  • Give credit. A simple link to the website will suffice. If you can provide more information, better.
  • Edit or summarize when possible.
  • If you are a writer looking to hone their skill, it would be best to come up with your own version.

* NOTE: Did you notice something different about this article? Every sentence feels constipated. The ideas do not tie together. I have been having a lot of resistance lately. To keep my mind off it, I try to write. I am not doing a good job now am I? Maybe I need some time off again.

As Chicken Little would say, "Tomorrow is a new day."