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How do you think about our online store?
Dear all,
We are running an online store. Would you pls come and give me some advices? Thanks a million.


This looks like someone trying to to trick the yahoo-answers regulars into visiting the website. But here's a great example for a landing page analysis, don't you think?


OK, let's say I am looking for a good running shoe. How do I do that on the internet?

I google "running shoes."

To get my attention, this website bought all the "running shoes" keywords from Google and got themselves to land page one on google search results. Just by looking at the image of the site's landing page, I can tell it's not a running shoe specialty store -- CLICK! Good-bye!

What just happened there?

The site's landing page failed to grab my attention. It was an online store that showed up when I made a search about running shoes. But their landing page, did not even show me a running shoe. Why would I want to buy a running shoe from a site that's not a running specialty store? Would I buy from them? Would you?

I don't think so. Why?

Because, I don't know these guys. They must have spent tons of money to get my attention online. Did I buy from them? No. Would I buy from them in the future? Definitely not. That's good money going down the toilet for them. Why not?


The definition in my head when it comes to buying a good running shoe is this -- go to the mall and try one out.

What would get me to change that perception?

Instead of spending a big chunk of my money for advertising, I'd spend that same amount of money to get on the good side of potential customers.


Offer a free something to get me to buy the shoe -- a free shirt, DVDs, anything. With every purchase, provide a 30-day guarantee that if I don't like it, I can have it replaced, or get my money back.

Let's say the shoe is a good fit and I like it, would I send it back? Some folks will. Most wouldn't. I already made all that effort shopping for that shoe, giving them my card number and waiting for the shoes to arrive.

I have already invested a lot of time and effort in the process. If it's a good fit and I have nothing to complain about, then it's a closed deal.

Build rapport

If I was the owner of that website, this is how I get future customers. Not with advertising, but by generating goodwill with my customers. This method is measurable and completely within my control.

Advertising is not. Sure, there are site analytics to measure this or that. But how do you gain their trust? How do you get positive feedback? How do you measure the share-ability of your website?

By making me a happy customer, I am definitely going to go back and buy something from them. More importantly, if someone I know needs a running shoe like I did, I would highly recommend them.

How much did it cost the website to get this one customer plus all that positive feedback? One pair of shoe.

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