Besides Adwords and SEO, how do you advertise an international customer support service?

Given that you want to provide quality computer support for customers in the US remotely, via online chat, phone and screen sharing solutions, how would you go about advertising such service among potential clients?

We do Google Adwords, SEO, but none seems to work that well.

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Other people will tell you to first define your target market, then craft a marketing message that will address their needs. I have been hearing this for the last 10 years. To tell you frankly, this doesn't work. Why?

Perception = Motivation.

Here's an example.


Let's say you won a million dollars in the lottery today. You want to buy a sports car. A really sexy sports car. Which brand would you choose? You'd probably go for a Ferrari or a Porsche. Why? You have a perception in your mind that these car brands are they kind that you are looking for.

How did you get this perception in your head? Did you see a tv ad last night from Ferrari? Was there a Porsche ad in the newspaper this morning? Most of the ads you see are from car brands that you are not in the market for.

Motivation: we move towards that which we think is good for us, and move away from that which we perceive is not good for us. You think a Ferrari is a sports car that you prefer because you think it will do you good. You moved away from the Toyotas and Fords because you think these are not going to be good for you.


To get more customers, first you define your niche in their mind -- your brand. Why you are different from everyone else, and why people should choose yours. Customer support --This market is saturated with me-too providers.

Differentiate your brand from everyone else. Soon as you have your own brand of customer service, generate buzz. How?

Instead of spending money on advertising or marketing, use that fund to interact with your target market and reward them with a positive experience. Use publicity to your advantage.

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