Why you don't see fancy widgets on my site

A friend of mine recently asked, "How can people follow your blog if you don't have any of those fancy, eye-catching widgets?"

First of all, I reminded her that I don't give a heck if only my mother follows my blog, or a thousand. I write what needs to come out of me and that's the end of it.

I do have the basic like buttons--facebook, twitter and G+. There's also the widget for diqus. I used to have all these fancy widgets to get people to follow this blog one way or another, but chose to remove them. I found them too distracting.

Let me illustrate.

When I find a website that interests me, I bookmark it. I never click on the like button as it's one more feed on my stream that I am going to have to ignore. When I go to facebook, I am looking to update myself with what is going on in the lives of people that I care about. If I wanted to see what's new in any of the websites that I like, I look for them in my bookmark.

All my web browsers have an extension/addon called xmarks. It's a neat widget that automatically syncs all of my bookmarks no matter which computer I use. All I need is that xmarks extention/addon installed on the browser, be it google chrome or firefox.

I consider myself an average person. If I behave this way, then there is a good chance that folks who see themselves as average will also behave this way. That means they don't like and never use any of that fancy share buttons. They don't like fancy widgets because they slow down the page's loading time. Fancy widgets make my site look like a tabloid--no meat, all fluff.

Follow my blog? Hit bookmark, and it's done. No need to muck up our facebook news feed.

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