Mat Cutts - 30-day challenge

Here is something you might not know about me

In 2008, my wife and I packed our suitcases and moved with our four children to New Zealand for good. It was both an exciting experience for me, and one full of anxiety.

Everything was new and unfamiliar. We were starting over. It was just me and my family. We knew no one else in this new environment. All of a sudden, everything was quiet.

moving away

Look - Godaddy's Facebook Fan Page

godaddy status update

Whoever is running godaddy's social media marketing, they must be getting paid good money. Take a look at the comments on their status updates, you can tell that godaddy filters out the negative comments.

If godaddy were to offer you one million dollars a year to run their social media campaign for them, will you take it?

Status updates - how to get your readers to engage

status update

This status update comes across as self-serving, doesn't it? A big no-no in today's social web. It does not offer anything to the reader. There is no motivation to click on their link.

If these "experts" can't generate engagement for their own website, how in the world are they going to do that for their clients?

Here's another one--

boring status update

What is wrong with this copy?

big block of text

I find it ironic that the article is about copywriting, but take a look at how this article has been laid out. It's one big block of text. No paragraphs, no headings, bullets, etc.

Copywriters - what makes them tick?


We do it because it’s fun. 
We do it because we’re obsessed. 
We do it because it’s a fantastic game. 
We do it because we love to watch the human mind at work. 
We do it because we can. 
We do it because it’s an awesome high when it works.

Source - The First Rule of Copyblogger

SEO-wise, am I doing it right?

I was looking up what my idol, Amy Porterfield has to say about using commentluv. Look what I found--one of the articles I wrote is on page one!

I am also getting about a thousand hundred hits on my page each week. Which reminds me, it's time to update the Facebook Insights tab on this website. I made a commitment a few posts back that I will share that stat to measure traction for my status updates using hootsuite. I'll get to that in a few minutes.

How has your Christmas been?

For me, it was time spent with family and close friends, and a lot of eating in between. I am so stuffed right now, I feel like I have gained twenty pounds in just one day. I'll start working this off starting tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

Make it easy for them to click on Like

Internet marketing professionals claim this works for them. They ask for the reader's email address so they have permission to SPAM , I mean, send them marketing communications later on.

Internet marketers claim that, as long as the customer is subscribed, their message are being read somehow when it reaches their inbox.

One reason why your site's bounce rate is so high

share widget

Notice that share widget circled in red? It scrolls up and down with the page, effectively blocking what you are reading. Either you click on share, or click X to close it. Guess which one I clicked on?

This is not the right way to use hootsuite

Push broadcasting. She broadcast the message in twitter first, then auto-post the same message again in facebook. It's not engaging and people can see right through it.

New - My foot in my mouth

You have known me as a staunch advocate of facebook. Now, I now have a client who needs help managing ALL her social media websites--this includes Google plus.

It's ok with her that I don't care much for Google plus. She only needs someone to manage her community on this side of the fence. Part of the job description is that I do what I do on facebook--share content, interact with people in her circles, etc.

I think this is synchronicity telling me, "Jim, you need to get your b*tt over here and check something out."

Hmm... This is going to be interesting.

Human nature is human nature, whether online or not. What works on one platform will work, with a few tweaks on another. What are my goals here then?
  • Improve engagement
  • Join in on the different conversations going on that is related to our particular niche
  • Increase network size
  • Track, measure response, fine tune, repeat


I am doing linkedin as well ;p

Find out which keywords bring in visitors to your website

It's a web app called Tynt ( You insert a code into your website's HTML. Tynt will then let me know when a reader highlights a keyword, and sends me these keyword alerts on a regular basis.

One other thing I like about this web application is that it is FREE.

Christmas on Facebook

If you want your status update to stand out this holiday season, DO NOT use the word "Christmas."

The Fun Things You Can Do At Google+

Google + : The social network where people do "fun" things, then share them with everyone else on Facebook.

Feedback on Internet Explorer


When your brand gets feedback like these, you had better shape out, or ship out.

One of the biggest corporations in the world, Microsoft seems helpless in coming up with a better browser. Kudos to open source software developers!

Facebook Fan Pages - Which Design Works Best

People often ask, "How should I design my welcome page?" or "What other tabs should I put on my facebook page?"

facebook page

As you can see with this website, I always take the zen/minimalist approach in web design. This way, readers can focus on what I have to say, instead of getting distracted by widgets that they don't want to see.

Social media content - What is the best time to publish?

The infographic below answers it all for you. To summarize, the best time to publish for maximum exposure is during the day.

facebook graph

I don't subscribe to that. Here's why...

Widget fails you can avoid

I don't get why the blog owner had to use a second floating share widget on this site. The one on the left will stay within view even if you scroll up or down the page--making sure it's difficult for you to read the article.

Tell me: what will move you to share an article with your social network?

Branding And How It Works In The Social Media Age (Infographic)

Branding and Social Media Statistics – How People Are Interacting With Brands Online
Source: AYTM Market Research

The Illusion of Choice (Infographic)

Media Consolidation Infographic

Source: Frugal dad

Why Google+ Will NOT Become a Social Media Powerhouse

Betting the farm

I see a lot of people going bullish on Google+. Take a look at this "expert" on the video, they are optimistic that G+ is going to be the big gorilla in the future. For one, Mr. Expert here just wrote a book about G+. It is to his advantage that he go bullish on G+.

From GoogleWebmasters: What if you don't know SEO?

Source - GoogleWebmasterHelp's Channel - YouTube

My reaction to Amy Porterfield's, 'How to guarantee most impressions'

Facebook Page- How to Guarantee Most Impressions - Facebook Fridays - YouTube

Poor feedback: what would you do?

This is why social media is such an effective tool for generating feedback for your brand. If you don't pay attention to the conversations going on about your brand, things will start to snowball pretty fast.

Someone in my network asked about a problem they were having with Good or bad, someone responds to the question.

facebook cutout

Facebook fan pages: How to deal with negative comments

"Positive energy is integrative, holistic, all-inclusive and unconditional. Negative energy on the other hand, segregates, disallows, and is highly conditional." - Bashar

If you want your brand to be accepted as "One of Us", then be open about it. People only trash talk your brand because you deserve it. If your brand delivers on its promises, they will shower it with praise, and will even defend it against negative comments.

negative feedback

Secrets to Motivation

If you are selling milk,
give away free cookies.

Simple Ways To Make Your Site Easy To Read

Before we continue, take a look at this image and keep in mind the impression that you get. When you are ready, come back to this page and we will continue.

long paragaph

Why I Work My Own Business

I don't know why, but I never lasted more than a year in any kind of job in all of my adult life. The only time I stayed in one job for almost a year was because I had a provincial assignment. My boss did not allow me to resign. If I did, I had to come up with my own plane ticket to go home.


Will Twitter Still Be Around In The Next Decade?

facebook marketing

Instead of making a comment on this blog, I decided to write down my own two cents about it.

I never did get twitter (and linkedin as well). I am sure millions of people signed up for them and actively use them. It's a great tool for connecting to people. But as Jack Asman mentions in his blog, it's not half as good as its big brother, Facebook.

Understanding Viral Content Marketing

social media marketing

Source -- going-viral-big.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x7379 pixels)

SEO & SMM, As One?

social media marketing

Source -- Why Content for SEO? ‹ Infographics « Brafton

Looking to Others for Direction & Guidance

Here is the question: By describing in some detail a case study of a freelancer who achieved a decent living exclusively from social media activity - show how someone else can replicate that track record and can develop a professional practice by modeling their business upon that example.


Blogger Sites on Dial-Up Speed

I have two broadband connections for work. One is a wired connection which goes to my children's pc, and I also have a wireless connection for my workstation.

The wireless internet connection, the one that I use on my pc, when it reaches 100% of my bandwidth allocation, it switches back to dial-up speed.

dial up

Disqus Vs Commentluv

I enjoy making comments on other people's blogs. It's like being in a virtual conversation that happens over a period of days. And as you probably know by now, it's a great way to build traffic to your site.

I was finding a number of blogs using disqus on their sites and so I tried disqus on my blog for a few weeks. Here is what it looks like when readers leave comments on my blog using disqus--


Get Attention On Facebook

A number of small businesses are joining the social media bandwagon thinking that it's a cure-all to get more business. They create Facebook fan pages, Google plus pages--the works. Then they tell everyone on their wall how great their brand is and why they should buy it.

After a few months and the dust has settled, nobody is following them.


What to do when your site is outranked by spammers


source -- I'm Being Outranked by a Spammer - Whiteboard Friday | SEOmoz

How to Improve Your Site's Bounce Rate

Thanks to this website -- "How to check and improve Loading Times on your Blog", I was able to gauge just how much faster mine is compared to someone else's.

Here are the results, courtesy of

Weak Headline, Confusing Copy Elements

I picked this ad from my facebook profile to see what we can learn from it. We will analyze its headline, copy elements, then share with you what I think about the ad, as a whole.

This first image is the ad that was shown in my profile--

facebook ad

How Skype Fumbled With This Promotion

I got this on my email inbox today--

skype promotion

Back So Soon?

Guess what? I am back with odesk.

I know--I'm wishy-washy. I change my mind a lot. I think that when I made that announcement a few posts back, I wasn't feeling well. As I write this post, I am recovering from flu. I guess things were on a downward spiral back then.


As a writer, these things have to come out in my writing. Unpredictability. That's what makes writing enjoyable, doesn't it?

Website review of by WooRank | Website review of by WooRank

Now that I have enough content on this site, I am going to start building up page rank. In the coming weeks, I'll be fixing up this site with the intention of bringing up woorank's grade to at least 50.

Blogger Vs Wordpress

Wordpress is like a high-tech utility van. You can do a lot with it. The whole family can fit right in, with all their luggage and a few other things that you might need for the trip. If you need more room, simply attach a trailer and you are good to go.

Blogger, on the other hand, is like a bad-ass Harley. You can't add on much to it as you would with a luxury RV, otherwise, it becomes something else. It's agile, powerful and efficiently gets you where you want to go. Fast.

It does what it does best. You hop on to it and just ride.

harley big bike

Goodbye oDesk

I logged in on my odesk account a moment ago to withdraw money and found these...

How choices are made

I have always seen myself as an average person. I look average, my habits are those of an average person given the same demographics. IMO, if I respond to stimuli in a certain manner, there's a good chance that, over a large sample, an average person will respond the same way.

Let me give you an example.

commentluv comparison

Facebook marketing that never fails

Forget EVERYTHING that you think you know about social media marketing. If you want true success with your social network, build these habits into your everyday life.

splash page

YouTube - Engaging on Facebook

source -- Facebook Marketing Part 1: Connecting and engaging. Social Media Marketing, Talking Finger - YouTube

What your readers want

confusing layout

I did not last ten seconds in this person's website. There's so much marketing material, flash scripts, a pop-up ad that failed to work and now it's blocking the page.

Doesn't all this goop give an impression to the reader saying, "I'm desperate!"

Free offers and changing brand names

skrill promotion

I wonder if marketing campaigns like these still work--the FREE offer.

Is it, really?

It's not entirely free. It's a bait and switch. They tell you it's free, but you have to sign up and give them money from your wallet. Only then will they give you extra credits that you can use for your account.

How to write good copy

copywriter logo

A common question I find on the internet is this--how do you come up with good writing?

Simple. You allow yourself to write terribly. Then publish it. Let the world know that you can write bad content. Let them make fun of it. That brings traffic to your site too, doesn't it.

Content curation - what it is, and how to do it well

sharing content

If you have been sharing actively on Facebook, you already understand what content curation is all about. In a nutshell, content curation is sharing content.

Me too. I don't get why experts have to use big words, when "sharing content" will do. Anyway...

Incoming traffic

magic well

I only started sharing this site's links on reddit about two weeks ago. When I checked in on Google analytics, reddit is now the number two source of traffic for this site.