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Company Profile
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Huayang (Tianjin) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

 Huayang (Tianjin) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. The company takes technology as its core and is oriented by customer demand. On the basis of independent research and development, it provides customers with high quality products and services.
      Huayang company, based on its own battery power technology, has a number of application power solutions, including "wireless base station lithium iron phosphate power solutions", "solar energy storage power solutions", "home solar energy battery power supply solutions", "intelligent traffic power solutions", " lithium battery power supply for forklift", etc.
      Huayang company has provided users with related products in the fields of communication operation, power operation and service, urban services and monitoring. And gain cooperation and support of Harbin Institute of Technology and Beihang University in technology and R & D.
      Huayang company is located as a new energy source solution provider, and provides users with battery power design and testing services, and will continue to launch its own related products.


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