change your subconscious beliefs

If you are looking for a technique to change your subconscious mind beliefs, then go no further. You are at the right place. We will provide you with a framework to work with. You can tweak it as per your circumstances and get the desired results in life.
Your subconscious mind has been programmed since childhood. As little infants, there was no “lid” (so to say!) between our conscious and subconscious mind. Any information that we took in from the environment, went directly to our subconscious, thereby leading to the formation of paradigms or habits over a period of time. And 30 years hence, we are so “used to” those habits that we THINK that it is impossible to adapt to new pattern of thinking and a new way of life. Human mind is not like a computer wherein we “delete” some information and it will get deleted. Human mind (rather, human brain) can store a tonne of information forever without giving you signals of “low memory” (as in the case of the computer).
So, the question boils down to – what is the surest way to change your subconscious beliefs and/or reprogram your subconscious mind. I will outline a few steps below.

Be in Control

Most people think that their mind is in control of their life. While this cannot be ruled out – the fact is that your subconscious mind dictates your life 95% of the time. But the truth is that you can control them as well. How? By understanding certain mind power techniques and working them to your advantage. Like I said above, human mind is a more complicated machine Vs a computer. Things do not change overnight. It will take time. Be patient. Keep working.

Positive Self-Talk

You must form a mindset that you can achieve anything in your lifetime. Winners like Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee never doubted what they could achieve. They were winners in their mind first before they achieved that title in the real world. You might think that this is wishful thinking. But they truth is that they self-talked themselves to victory.
Tip: Make positive affirmations when you are alone. And try to induce as much genuine emotion as possible. If you say to yourself – “I am a winner. I can achieve my dream in life”, then do some sort of a physical action using your hands so that the emotion grows stronger. The Universe listens to anything you think, say or do – positive or negative. And it brings it to pass. That’s the mysterious power of the law of attraction.